About Us

Gedling & Sherwood Cricket Club is based at Regatta Way, Gamston, see map, where we relocated to in 2007. The Regatta Way facilities are shared with West Brigdford Colts Football club, although both clubs have separate playing facilities. The Regatta Way complex was purpose built to re-house the clubs, as our previous facility, Coronation Ground, Wilford Lane, was redeveloped to house the Beckett School.

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Club Honours

  • Young player of the year: Chrissy Lawrence

  • Most improved player: Chrissy Lawrence 

  • 1st team batting award: Muhammed Akeel

  • 2nd team batting award: Murray Wild

  • 3rd team batting award: Eshan Peiris

  • Sunday batting award: Ed Parry

  • 1st team bowling award; Muhammed Akeel

  • 2nd team bowling award: Adeel Farooq

  • 3rd team bowling award: Jake Daly

  • Sunday bowling award: Mattie Taylor-Shaw

  • 1st team players player of the year: Muhammed Akeel

  • 2nd team players player of the year: Murray Wild

  • 3rd team players player of the year: Eshan Peiris & Jake Daly

  • Sunday team players player of the year: Hussain Ahmed

  • Best batting award: Ashley Heseltine

  • Best bowling award: Adeel Farooq

  • Sports person of the year: Jamie Davies

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Hire our sports venue

We can offer you a facility that can cater for up to 50 people, is fully equipped with tables, chairs and television etc and has a fully fitted kitchen for tea and or coffee making facilities.

A catering service is available if this should be required along with a fully stocked bar which could be manned if so required.

The facility also has a large car park and adequate storage space within the purpose built changing rooms.

Located in the heart of West Bridgford with excellent traffic links.

If you should wish to discuss this or for further details please contact us or ring Peter on 07831 223278 or Steve on 07796 134338

Room Hire Charges (A discount will be available for regular bookings)

  • 1st hour £20.00

  • Per hour thereafter £15.00

  • For a full day £100.00

  • For a night booking £100.00

Child Protection Policy Summary

Rules Young Players (U/18)

Emergency Procedures