Fantasy Cricket

For the 2021 season we will be launching an inter club fantasy cricket league. This is an opportunity for members and supporters alike to take part in a fun version of the popular game but with team mates and club members the subject of the league. 

This means that every run, every wicket and every catch will have that extra meaning. 

The full rules are available on files below and the player list can also be seen within the tabs along with the team sheet for registration.

This is a great way to raise money for the club with a fun and interactive process which also present the opportunity to win money should your team do well. Entry will be £10 per team.  

Payment should be made either by bank transfer or paid directly to Steve Carmody

The winner will receive 25% of all money taken. The total prize will be announced on Twitter and the website once all entries are in.

All teams and payment must be received before the first league match on Saturday 1st May 2021

Please submit teams to Steve Carmody at