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An update from the Chairman

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Dear friends,

I hope that you your family and loved ones are all well and keeping safe at this difficult and worrying time. For many of you I am sure thoughts of cricket are far from your minds, but for others you are missing the game and the people that make your summer every year.

Usually at this time of year we are all looking forward to the start of another summer season of cricket. Players old and young would be heading down to Regatta Way to practice and prepare for what they hope will be yet another successful season. Parents families and friends would be popping along to watch and cheer the players on, meet old friends and catch up over a drink and perhaps a stroll around the ground. Others would be looking forward to the Easter break or preparing for Passover, Veisakhi and Ramadan. But that has all changed this year because we are all facing the effects of the covid-19 crisis and all cricket is on hold until after May 28 at the earliest.

Hold onto the knowledge that we will overcome this crisis, we will meet again and cricket will return, and when it does we will be ready.

With the no prospect of cricket as normal this year I am concerned that we could lose contact with many of you, and I want to explore a way of trying to bring us together whilst we are apart and then to find a way celebrate our coming back together whenever that may be.

At G&SCC we have created a community across the club which is built on mutual respect and care for each other. It is clear that working within and across our communities is and will be key to beating this virus. At this difficult time it has become apparent to me that our usual contacts across the club have been stretched or even lost as we distance and isolate from each other, and this is at a time and in a situation, when what we really crave is more, not less human contact. So it is my hope that if we can share our experiences and stories of how the virus has affected our lives, how we are coping, what we are doing and what hopes we have, with each other across the club we can strengthen our community and help maintain and raise our collective spirit.

Gedling and Sherwood is a wide-ranging and diverse community of players, volunteers, supporters, families and friends and what we are experiencing reflects what is happening across the country. Some of us are working tirelessly on the front-line, be they health or care workers, teachers, police officers, shop workers, drivers, support workers and many other key and essential workers. Some of us are parents balancing home working with educating/entertaining children at home. Some of us are young people struggling with the new constraints on our normal life with our friends or who are concerned about their exams. Some of us are volunteering to deliver food and prescriptions to people in isolation. Some of us are in isolation and most of us are just trying to get by.

In times of crisis it is only natural that we are concerned particularly for those we care about, and want to be reassured that they are well and safe and if necessary that we can help them or we are just curious to know how they are getting on. In the current situation of lockdown we need to find ways to stay in contact, and thank goodness for the digital world in which we live. However, not everyone can be on whatsapp or zoom or whatever, and in many cases these platforms only offer a distraction from every day issues. That has certainly been my experience.

The vibrant Gedling and Sherwood CC whatsapp group, with about 60 members, is very entertaining with a host of humourus cricket clips, videos of club members in isolation, quizzes, birthday and other wishes that have helped maintain spirits. Jake Daly running a book on the virtual 2020 Grand National which raised £100 for the club was a particular highlight. Well done Jake. If you are not part of the G&S whatsapp group but would like to join contact Steve Carmody and he will sort you out.

However, these digital platforms are not suitable in most cases for sharing more meaningful feelings and experiences. Only a personal account of what is happening can really give true expression to the impact on a person’s life and their hopes and fears. So if you feel that it would help, I am suggesting that you should consider writing to me to let me know how you are coping, what you are doing, what you have seen, how you are feeling, write a poem, set a quiz, offer a tip for surviving, ask a question or anything else that comes to mind which we could share across the club.

Whatever your situation I am sure that what you are experiencing is a new world and in that new world there will be events and people that have inspired you or even people that you have inspired. So if there is someone or something that has had an impact on you let me know. If there is someone you want to thank let me know. If it is your partner, your mum or your dad or a stranger that you want to thank. If it is something new that you have done that has surprised you. If it is something you need or if you just want to put something out there let me know. Whatever it is let me know and with your approval I will share this across the G&SCC community. If you wish to share anonomously that will be fine. The important thing is to share your experience because it will undoubtedly, not only help you, but also help someone else. Who knows someone else’s story might help or inspire you. Let me know.

I am really looking forward to hearing from you, and so is everyone else.

When this is all over we will need to reboot our lives, and hopefully that will include a return of the glorious game of cricket. To this end we are doing all that we can to ensure that when that day comes we will be ready. A small team (4) of us have been working in splendid isolation at the ground to ensure that the pitches and the pavilion remain safe, secure and prepared for the restart, whenever that may be.

But playing aside, we also want to bring the club back together as soon as we are able and we hope to host a Gedling and Sherwood community and family day at Regatta Way. We hope to invite you as club members, your family, friends and supporters, and anyone you wish to bring along that you would like to thank for helping you through the crisis. We have yet to decide how this will work and are open to ideas and offers of help and assistance, but we want to provide an opportunity for all to reconnect and have some fun with those they have missed and those they want to thank.

Thank you for reading this letter and I hope to hear from many of you in the coming weeks. So until we meet again stay safe, stay well and take care of each other.

Pat Carmody - Chairman

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